Weave Wants vs. Weave Woes: Maximizing Your Hair

If you desire long, luscious hair that looks healthy and fabulous, you are in great company! Images & Shades has all of the natural and synthetic hair extensions, clips and weaves that you could possibly want available in a variety of gorgeous shades. Regardless, if you are seeking some strategically placed volume along your crown or are trying to grow out your short crop, our product selection will not disappoint! We proudly carry everything you need to maintain a decadent and delightful head of hair.


Prepping Your Hair & Scalp for Successful Hair Extensions 

Prior to wearing extensions, it is a good idea to take some time away from harsh chemicals found in curl relaxers and hair dyes. You want to protect the integrity of the hair to minimize the chances of breakage. Always apply your extensions to clean hair that is well conditioned and free from hairspray or styling products. Images & Shades offers some wonderfully moisturising and nourishing hair and scalp treatments for ultimate success. Trapping styling residue along the scalp can lead to uncomfortable and avoidable itching and flakiness.


Medusa’s Secrets Can Be Yours!

We love the quality of the Secret of Medusa Weft extensions that are available in 14” lengths. Enjoy styling this 100% natural hair with ease and simplicity. Investing in quality hair extensions can dramatically alter your look and provide you with the flexibility in hairstyles that you crave.


Synthetic vs. Human Hair

Depending on where you are going, how much time you will be outside in the humidity and how much time you want to devote to styling your weave are all factors to take into consideration. Images & Shades offers a wide selection of natural human hair extensions and synthetic extensions to choose from. Perhaps, you would like to experiment with bangs prior to committing to them. Maybe, you desire additional length as your layers are growing out. With proper care, natural hair can last up to a year. Soft and offering excellent texture, this selection requires the same patience as your natural hair. You can cut the natural hair extensions to create options that are more realistic or simply leave them long and practice your favourite braids and styling routine. Synthetic hair may hold curls and specific styles better and not be as prone to drooping or frizz due to the weather; however, all hair types will require touch ups (as per usual) in the event you are caught in a downpour or a windstorm. We recommend having both selections on hand to experiment with. Many clients prefer natural clip-ins for certain events while others prefer the bounce back they can often count on with the synthetic hair.


Hair Care Simplified

Shiny, touchable and manageable hair can be yours to behold at any length. Switching up your shampoo and conditioning routine, using leave in conditioner, enjoying a satin pillowcase and using weekly deep conditioning treatments can greatly improve the appearance and texture of your hair. Stock up on your favourite products for the entire family. Treat yourself today and try some new hair extensions to unleash your new look for Spring!