Frizzy Dry Hair Solutions & Damage Signs To Be Aware Of


Harsh, winter air can take its’ toll on your locks in no time; especially if you are relaxing, straightening, colouring or using hair extensions. Do you notice excessive breakage? Perhaps, your hair feels coarse and more industrial than usual. The glaring winter wind, fluctuating humidity and temperature changes can all add up to hair that is less than shiny or manageable. Thankfully, Images and Shades has some excellent products to help you rehydrate and get back on track.


Examining Your Hair Care Routine

The entire wash-rinse-repeat hair care routine is often too much for the average head of hair. Seen by many as a marketing gimmick to help you use your product up faster, sometimes following the instructions on your bottles create more harm than good. If your hair feels like straw after the washing cycle, consider switching to conditioner only during the winter months. Simply apply from the ears down and use some of lather to enjoy a deep scalp massage prior to rinsing. Your hair will be just as clean and fresh; however, you will skip the part about washing away your natural oils in the process. This will help you create a protective barrier for this season’s dry conditions.


Taking a Break From Chemicals & Heat

It can be tricky to forego your regular touch-ups and styling routine; however, for the sake of your locks, sometimes this is what needs to happen. Over processed hair looks and feels terrible. If it has been awhile since your last trim, it is time to book one. Dead ends can destroy the savviest of hairstyles. Winter is a great time to go natural and embrace what nature gave you. If your grey hairs are causing you grief, experiment with different toques, scarves and hats for some seasonal inspiration...or, learn to love them!


Hair Mask Hydration

Applying a deep conditioning hair treatment periodically can dramatically improve the texture and health of your locks. From Hair Mayo to the Mizani H2O Intense Treatment, Images & Shades offers a variety of custom hair care solutions. Make it part of your weekly pampering ritual! Hair masks and treatments work best when they have some time (and often heat) to penetrate the hair shaft. The Deity Shea Butter Repairing Hair Mask Cap is an excellent way to cover your hair treatment and let the ingredients work their magic. Some clients prefer to combine their hair mask with hot bath or shower to take advantage of the copious amounts of steam. Others apply their mask, secure everything with the nourishing shea butter cap and then wrap a towel over top. Follow the instructions on the hair caretreatment for your best results. Some Keratin based protein rich items need to be rinsed out on time for best results. While it can be tempting to leave certain products in for longer, if they are protein rich treatments, this might cause more harm than good.


Au Natural Air Dry

Blasting hot, dry air or even cooled air from your styling routine daily will eventually take its’ toll. Even those who rely on cool settings and diffusers are still exposing their hair to excessive pressure. Winter is a great time to experiment with your natural curls and embrace your waves. Twists, buns, pigtails and braids can help you get through those days you are not able to wear your favourite hat!


Love Your Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-In conditioners protect the hair shaft and add moisture. If you can get into the habit of applying after the shower and letting your hair dry naturally, you will be miles ahead of winning the war against frizz. Besides keeping your hair smelling and looking spectacular, leave-in conditioners can help you tame those baby hairs and nourish the broken strands. Images & Shades has some decadent formulas we know you will love! Order your hair repair kit today! We look forward to packing up your order!